Day 4: The Grandest Canyon

Kian woke us up at 5 am on day 4. It was his first time to tent camp, and I think the sun peaking through woke him up.  Our tent has a completely open screened in ceiling, so we can see the stars. I slept really well, Arthur said he could hear coyotes or wolves around 3am and some wind. We got up and I started cooking breakfast over a fire with my pioneer woman skillet. I felt totally pioneer! I fried up a package of bacon, nitrate free of course, a bunch of eggs and some toast! It was a breakfast feast and everyone was happy! I just have to figure out how to cook over a fire and not inhale so much smoke lol! Then we started packing things up! I took the dishes down to the community outdoor sink to wash them and saw a big spiny caterpillar! It reminded me of a time when I was a kid  visiting my nana and pop in ponchatoula, LA and I was stung by one! Y’all those little spiny things stick in your skin and hurt like the dickens! Needless to say I left that thing alone! Camping definitely brings out the pioneer woman in me.  We got the van loaded and then headed over to the canyon. I highly recommend staying at Mather campground! It’s SUPER close to the Canyon and only $18 a night! Just request to stay near the bath house, if showering is important to you! They even have a grocery store near the campground!  This was my 3rd time to the Canyon. And y’all let me tell you, they have done MAJOR building onto the visitors center! It’s so nice! They have a movie you can watch about the history of it! It’s really interesting! And they have put walkways and railings everywhere! Last time that I went there wasn’t railing everywhere! They even have a super nice gift shop and coffee shop (where you can also rent bikes)! The Canyon was breathtaking as always! Pictures will never do it justice. It is such an amazingly huge site! A true US wonder! We thoroughly enjoyed it! And we got our US National Park passport stamped while we were there! Then it was off to our next adventure! But first, we had a late lunch at RPs stage shop! They have coffee and build your own sandwiches and WIFI (we didn’t have cell service for about 24hrs)! Arthur did some work and then we hit to road for Joshua Tree, California. The drive from GC to Williams had 2 stops we wanted to make but we’re out of time for the day! Bedrock city, its a creepy cool Fred flinstone mini park. We went in probably 2010 and it made for great photos! And then Bearizona, a drive through zoo with bears, wolves and other animals! We soon left Arizona and entered Death Valley. 109 degree temps, lots of sand, and weird sphere shaped buildings that make you wonder if aliens really are real. Much of southwestern US looks like Mars, IMO. We went through one stretch where we went probably 2.5 hours without seeing food or a bathroom, and very very few cars…. We did drive through  Amboy on old Route 66. I googled the history of it! I highly recommend you look up Roy’s in amboy!  We saw a few houses here and there and some looked like they didn’t have electricity running to them. It was such an odd and interesting drive! God’s creation will never be boring! We reached Joshua Tree around 8:40 and went to a pizza by the slice, super cool and funky place called Pie for the People. Y’all I had a pesto, veggie pizza and it was so so good. Then we headed to our Airbnb for the night. It was at Glenn’s house! It’s a tiny guest house and it’s super nice inside. And he lives our where you can see a HUGE open sky and tons of constellations. We used his awesome hot tub and looked at the beautiful stars. It was the Nicest hot tub I’ve ever seen!!! The 2 older boys stayed up really late with us and “swam”. They loved it. I highly recommend the EchoLove Casita in Joshua Tree if you need a place to stay while in that area! Glenn and His daughter, Gwen, were really sweet, informative of the area, and greT hosts! We slept well in Joshua Tree. 

Day 3: Goodbye Llamas and Sweet Santa Fe

Day 3 began bright and early early again. I didn’t want to leave one of my favorite cities, but we had reservations in the Grand Canyon, so onward we go! We woke up and packed everything. And Bill the owner of the yurt we were staying in, promised to bring one of his sweet llamas out of the pen for us to hang out with. He brought out Marduke and what a treat it was! Llamas eat everything, so he was enjoying the grass and weeds. He was such a beautiful llama, with perky ears, bright eyes and thick llama dreads. The boys loved being there with the acres, the view, and the llama farm. They ran around outside and chased each other while we were packing. My heart yearns for land to live on with our family…. Someday, someday. We got some pics of the yurt and Marduke before we left. And then said goodbye to Bill and Robbyn and headed out. If you are looking for an off the grid feeling but close to everything, their place is it! Bill uses lots of GREEN methods in his farm and in their yurt. We learn a lot about water conservation, a compost toilet, and llamas while staying there. And he painted some beautiful pics of his llamas that he hung ​​up in the yurt. We loved it! Off to the glorious Grand Canyon we went! It was about a 7 hour drive for us. We arrived in time for a quick bite at We Cook Pizza and Pasta, right outside of the canyon. We happily flashed our America The Beautiful Pass to get into the park and off we went to set up camp! Keep in mind, this was our FIRST time to camp together as a family of 5. And mine and Arthur’s first time in probably 7 years!!!! The big guys set up the tent and Kian and I went to find firewood. We found some at the general store and brought it back to our site at Mather campground. We set everything up and then did what all campers should do FIRST! We roasted marshmallows and made S’Mores!!! It was a sticky delicious mess. Then we wiped down, cleaned up and went to bed. It was such a perfect night… the sky was clear. We could see the moon and stars as we fell asleep. It was beautiful! Arthur heard wolves or coyotes howling in the night! Everyone else slept soundly until 5am, because that’s how we roll… Kian or Arthur Thomas wakes up early and they wake everyone else up! I’m sure all you parents can relate!​​ 

Day 2: Santa Fe All the Way

Arthur and I LOVE Santa Fe, the smells, the sights, the old, the stucco, it’s all so romantic. We usually hang out in the plaza and shop and hang out downtown most of our stay. This time we decided to do the opposite, experience the history of the area and richness of the land. So we got up bright and early in the yurt, when the rooster crowed. We enjoyed our muffins that our Airbnb hostess had gave us, and quickly packed up to go to Bandelier. Bandelier National Park is full of old cliff dwellings that were left by the Indians. We drove about an hour out of town to go To bandelier. We parked in white rock and then caught a shuttle bus that took us there. The roads were windy and curvy and in the distance you could see all kinds of old homes in the cliffs that were once lived in by the Indians. When we got there, we purchased an America the beautiful pass! How exciting! It’s $80 for our family for the entire year. It gets you into tons of national parks and we knew we would probably get our money’s worth from it on this trip. We then went to explore! But first, sunscreen, lol! The kids did awesome! Arthur Thomas kept up with Cade and Arthur baby wore Kian, most of the time. We hiked and explored some of the dwellings! They were so cool. It was neat to imagine what their lives were like in those tiny cliff homes, so many years ago. We saw shelves and hooks, and nooks. We explored for a while and then we decided we were hungry and the sun was really blazing. We started the descent down and say tons of cool lizards and little furry wildlife. Then we went the shaded route back and found a creek. We had to stop and check it out And sweet Arthur Thomas slipped on a rock and fell in. His little hiking boots filled up with water and so we changed his pants and took his water filled boots off. Then Arthur put Arthur Thomas in the baby carrier and carried him the rest of the way and I carried Kian! Lol! Kian only weighs about 9 lbs less than Arthur Thomas, so it worked! We then finished the trail and met a Pueblo indian that carved the most beautiful little figures! He said Katie Perry and Cindy Lauper buy up his carvings whenever he puts them in shops in the plaza (the downtown shopping and dining experience area)! We bought a passport book in the gift shop to start documenting all the national parks we visit and then grabbed a bite at the gift shop. We had sandwiches and green chili fries!!! We had the eating area almost completely to ourselves. It was so nice! We love eating outside when it’s nice and shaded! Then we caught the bus and headed back to our van in white rock! That night we went to the plaza for dinner because, we love that place!!! And ate Some New Mexican food at, The Santa Fe famous, the Shed. It wasn’t great food but the atmosphere and outdoor dining was awesome! Then we had some ice cream and listened to a lady playing the violin on the street corner before starting to walk to our car. It was an amazing day!!! 

Day 1: Fort Smith to Santa Fe

IMG_0372IMG_0394IMG_0399IMG_0388IMG_0390IMG_0391IMG_0376IMG_0379IMG_0384IMG_0387IMG_0396IMG_0397We started our 5 week  journey yesterday morning and drove from Fort Smith all the way to Santa Fe, NM! My hubby is a master packer and fit EVERYTHING into and on top of our van. He’s so sexy! 💪🏽 Everything for cold weather, hot weather, hiking, fishing, camping and the beach for a family of 5! We made a pit stop in Amarillo to get donuts, because it was National Donut Day! We ended up scoring 15 donuts and 2 coffees for less than $5!!! The kids were stoked for the pit stop. While we stopped it started hailing outside, so we gobbled our delicious donuts and hung out for a few minutes! The shop was called the Donut Shop and it was retro and cute. I highly recommend it if you are passing through Amarillo! The drive once you get closer to Santa Fe, gets more beautiful. We saw the most gorgeous sunset, painted just by the good Lord himself, when were getting close to Santa Fe. See the pics in the blog! When we got to Santa Fe it was late, but we had to make a quick stop at Best Buy (we forgot something), and were famished. We ended up getting take out from Boxcar Bar and grill. Art and I split there adult mac n cheese and it was so good and spicy. The babies fell asleep in the car. We got to the yurt that we had booked through Airbnb and Bill and Robin greeted us. They showed us how to use their compost toilet and there pellet stove. They are big time into green living, which just enhanced our yurt experience! Very cool people! They own a roswell themed skating rink and pizza place here in Santa Fe, if you are ever in the area on a Friday night, definitely check it out! We all fell asleep quick, in hopes of big adventures the next day!


ps. The kiddos did excellent on the road trip! They are such little adventurers! 🚙

The countdown begins…

We leave THIS week. I can’t believe it’s finally here! We’ve been planning, booking, purchasing, prepping for months and now it’s almost launch time. I have tons of thoughts running through my mind. 1. Will all the camping stuff/ travel stuff fit in our van with all our suitcases? 2. Will my kiddos survive? They can’t go 30 min Down the road with out asking “are we there yet”, we will be traveling 5 weeks! Lol!  3. Grace…have an abundance of grace for each other, my kids, my hubby… 5 weeks is a long time traveling together non-stop! 4. I am overwhelmingly excited for what we will see and do together, the memories we will make, the friends we will make along the way, the stories we will tell for years to come, the way we will get to know each other on a whole new level. I’m pumped, stoked, and can’t wait to be all packed and pulling out of our driveway! Pray for me this week, that I stay focused and get everything together, for everyone! Thank you friends! 

Adventure Awaits

The countdown begins… we have been planning this trip for months and now it is finally about to happen. The whole family is anxiously awaiting the adventures in store for us. I’m so excited to make memories with my kiddos, To spend quality time with the WHOLE family, To get in touch with nature and create a whole new love for the outdoors. I’m just excited. Packing, planning and prepping for a trip like this is not for the faint hearted. It’s intense and stressful! But I am too Blessed to Be Stressed. That’s what I tell myself when I start feeling the stresses of life! Follow our blog, join us on our journey, I think you’ll love it. It is sure to make you smile, laugh, and possibly cry.