Day 4: The Grandest Canyon

Kian woke us up at 5 am on day 4. It was his first time to tent camp, and I think the sun peaking through woke him up.  Our tent has a completely open screened in ceiling, so we can see the stars. I slept really well, Arthur said he could hear coyotes or wolves around 3am and some wind. We got up and I started cooking breakfast over a fire with my pioneer woman skillet. I felt totally pioneer! I fried up a package of bacon, nitrate free of course, a bunch of eggs and some toast! It was a breakfast feast and everyone was happy! I just have to figure out how to cook over a fire and not inhale so much smoke lol! Then we started packing things up! I took the dishes down to the community outdoor sink to wash them and saw a big spiny caterpillar! It reminded me of a time when I was a kid  visiting my nana and pop in ponchatoula, LA and I was stung by one! Y’all those little spiny things stick in your skin and hurt like the dickens! Needless to say I left that thing alone! Camping definitely brings out the pioneer woman in me.  We got the van loaded and then headed over to the canyon. I highly recommend staying at Mather campground! It’s SUPER close to the Canyon and only $18 a night! Just request to stay near the bath house, if showering is important to you! They even have a grocery store near the campground!  This was my 3rd time to the Canyon. And y’all let me tell you, they have done MAJOR building onto the visitors center! It’s so nice! They have a movie you can watch about the history of it! It’s really interesting! And they have put walkways and railings everywhere! Last time that I went there wasn’t railing everywhere! They even have a super nice gift shop and coffee shop (where you can also rent bikes)! The Canyon was breathtaking as always! Pictures will never do it justice. It is such an amazingly huge site! A true US wonder! We thoroughly enjoyed it! And we got our US National Park passport stamped while we were there! Then it was off to our next adventure! But first, we had a late lunch at RPs stage shop! They have coffee and build your own sandwiches and WIFI (we didn’t have cell service for about 24hrs)! Arthur did some work and then we hit to road for Joshua Tree, California. The drive from GC to Williams had 2 stops we wanted to make but we’re out of time for the day! Bedrock city, its a creepy cool Fred flinstone mini park. We went in probably 2010 and it made for great photos! And then Bearizona, a drive through zoo with bears, wolves and other animals! We soon left Arizona and entered Death Valley. 109 degree temps, lots of sand, and weird sphere shaped buildings that make you wonder if aliens really are real. Much of southwestern US looks like Mars, IMO. We went through one stretch where we went probably 2.5 hours without seeing food or a bathroom, and very very few cars…. We did drive through  Amboy on old Route 66. I googled the history of it! I highly recommend you look up Roy’s in amboy!  We saw a few houses here and there and some looked like they didn’t have electricity running to them. It was such an odd and interesting drive! God’s creation will never be boring! We reached Joshua Tree around 8:40 and went to a pizza by the slice, super cool and funky place called Pie for the People. Y’all I had a pesto, veggie pizza and it was so so good. Then we headed to our Airbnb for the night. It was at Glenn’s house! It’s a tiny guest house and it’s super nice inside. And he lives our where you can see a HUGE open sky and tons of constellations. We used his awesome hot tub and looked at the beautiful stars. It was the Nicest hot tub I’ve ever seen!!! The 2 older boys stayed up really late with us and “swam”. They loved it. I highly recommend the EchoLove Casita in Joshua Tree if you need a place to stay while in that area! Glenn and His daughter, Gwen, were really sweet, informative of the area, and greT hosts! We slept well in Joshua Tree. 


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