Day 3: Goodbye Llamas and Sweet Santa Fe

Day 3 began bright and early early again. I didn’t want to leave one of my favorite cities, but we had reservations in the Grand Canyon, so onward we go! We woke up and packed everything. And Bill the owner of the yurt we were staying in, promised to bring one of his sweet llamas out of the pen for us to hang out with. He brought out Marduke and what a treat it was! Llamas eat everything, so he was enjoying the grass and weeds. He was such a beautiful llama, with perky ears, bright eyes and thick llama dreads. The boys loved being there with the acres, the view, and the llama farm. They ran around outside and chased each other while we were packing. My heart yearns for land to live on with our family…. Someday, someday. We got some pics of the yurt and Marduke before we left. And then said goodbye to Bill and Robbyn and headed out. If you are looking for an off the grid feeling but close to everything, their place is it! Bill uses lots of GREEN methods in his farm and in their yurt. We learn a lot about water conservation, a compost toilet, and llamas while staying there. And he painted some beautiful pics of his llamas that he hung ​​up in the yurt. We loved it! Off to the glorious Grand Canyon we went! It was about a 7 hour drive for us. We arrived in time for a quick bite at We Cook Pizza and Pasta, right outside of the canyon. We happily flashed our America The Beautiful Pass to get into the park and off we went to set up camp! Keep in mind, this was our FIRST time to camp together as a family of 5. And mine and Arthur’s first time in probably 7 years!!!! The big guys set up the tent and Kian and I went to find firewood. We found some at the general store and brought it back to our site at Mather campground. We set everything up and then did what all campers should do FIRST! We roasted marshmallows and made S’Mores!!! It was a sticky delicious mess. Then we wiped down, cleaned up and went to bed. It was such a perfect night… the sky was clear. We could see the moon and stars as we fell asleep. It was beautiful! Arthur heard wolves or coyotes howling in the night! Everyone else slept soundly until 5am, because that’s how we roll… Kian or Arthur Thomas wakes up early and they wake everyone else up! I’m sure all you parents can relate!​​ 


One thought on “Day 3: Goodbye Llamas and Sweet Santa Fe

  1. Wow!! I am in awe of the beautiful masterpieces of God out west. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure and the memories you are making.


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