Day 2: Santa Fe All the Way

Arthur and I LOVE Santa Fe, the smells, the sights, the old, the stucco, it’s all so romantic. We usually hang out in the plaza and shop and hang out downtown most of our stay. This time we decided to do the opposite, experience the history of the area and richness of the land. So we got up bright and early in the yurt, when the rooster crowed. We enjoyed our muffins that our Airbnb hostess had gave us, and quickly packed up to go to Bandelier. Bandelier National Park is full of old cliff dwellings that were left by the Indians. We drove about an hour out of town to go To bandelier. We parked in white rock and then caught a shuttle bus that took us there. The roads were windy and curvy and in the distance you could see all kinds of old homes in the cliffs that were once lived in by the Indians. When we got there, we purchased an America the beautiful pass! How exciting! It’s $80 for our family for the entire year. It gets you into tons of national parks and we knew we would probably get our money’s worth from it on this trip. We then went to explore! But first, sunscreen, lol! The kids did awesome! Arthur Thomas kept up with Cade and Arthur baby wore Kian, most of the time. We hiked and explored some of the dwellings! They were so cool. It was neat to imagine what their lives were like in those tiny cliff homes, so many years ago. We saw shelves and hooks, and nooks. We explored for a while and then we decided we were hungry and the sun was really blazing. We started the descent down and say tons of cool lizards and little furry wildlife. Then we went the shaded route back and found a creek. We had to stop and check it out And sweet Arthur Thomas slipped on a rock and fell in. His little hiking boots filled up with water and so we changed his pants and took his water filled boots off. Then Arthur put Arthur Thomas in the baby carrier and carried him the rest of the way and I carried Kian! Lol! Kian only weighs about 9 lbs less than Arthur Thomas, so it worked! We then finished the trail and met a Pueblo indian that carved the most beautiful little figures! He said Katie Perry and Cindy Lauper buy up his carvings whenever he puts them in shops in the plaza (the downtown shopping and dining experience area)! We bought a passport book in the gift shop to start documenting all the national parks we visit and then grabbed a bite at the gift shop. We had sandwiches and green chili fries!!! We had the eating area almost completely to ourselves. It was so nice! We love eating outside when it’s nice and shaded! Then we caught the bus and headed back to our van in white rock! That night we went to the plaza for dinner because, we love that place!!! And ate Some New Mexican food at, The Santa Fe famous, the Shed. It wasn’t great food but the atmosphere and outdoor dining was awesome! Then we had some ice cream and listened to a lady playing the violin on the street corner before starting to walk to our car. It was an amazing day!!! 


2 thoughts on “Day 2: Santa Fe All the Way

  1. I love seeing the beauty & history of Santa Fe and the gorgeous wood carving work by the Pueblo Indian. It appears to a place of calming. Your pictured are amazing. šŸ˜Š

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