Day 10: Franz Ferdinand 

Sunday sweet Sunday, we woke up and went to a small local church in Oceanside to worship our Heavenly Father! Then we came home and I made an Italian feast for the family. That day there was a music festival right on the beach. We could see the stage from our balcony! #freeconcert So from 3-10pm we heard some awesome bands! Colony House, HeyDaze, and Franz Ferdinand were a few of the bands that played!  Franz Ferdinand came out with “Take Me Out” about 12 years ago and I was obsessed with it!  So it was really cool to be apart of the fest! It was another chill day! We were planning our intense trip to Disneyland the next day, so we were resting up lol! That evening we went to the beach and hung out and the little boys played on the playground that was on Oceanside Beach. We could hear the bands playing awesomely! It was a great night!​​

​ ​



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