Day 9: Time to Chill 

Oceanside is a great place. It’s truly a place to just be and just relax.  We woke up and walked to breakfast at Swami’s and y’all it was seriously the best food of our trip so far! Lobster Benedict and pineapple upside down pancakes were what Arty and I shared. And… they have a full coffee bar for all the coffee junkies (including me)! Lots of sweetener choices, lots of milk choices, and lots of coffee choices and you make your own concoction and get free refills! I made a hazelnut coffee with coconut milk and sugar in the raw and it was the Our condo has a big kitchen and dining room, so mom and I made a giant grocery list and hit up Super Target! I go to super target any chance I get! lol! I was excited to have a kitchen to cook in for a whole week! And we utilized it like crazy! That evening we walked up and down the Oceanside pier and saw lifeguards testing and lots of surfers. It’s such a cool place! There were tons of fishers on the pier and so Arthur Thomas got to see some fish in the buckets up close. Then for dinner we went to the pizza place downstairs. I think it’s called zigzag pizza. And it was Delish! They had a fun classic  rock n roll theme! We loved it! Then Arthur took Arthur Thomas to get his hair cut at a barber shop in Oceanside ! ❤️


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