Day 11: Disney or Bust

Disclaimer: I have been to disneyworld in Orlando probably about 12 times and we LOVE it!  We are Disney junkies!!!  But This was my first trip to Disneyland so I had to write all about it!!! 
I set my alarm for 4:30ish, it was the first time that I was going to Disneyland and I wanted to be there when they opened! I packed everything we needed for the day: sunscreen, snacks, lunch, water, Disney autograph book, a change of clothes for the boys, diapers, wipes, sunglasses, you name it. We headed out. In Central and Southern Cali you have to add about an hour or more onto every trip because there is always traffic and more than likely rerouting. We got to Disneyland around 8:30. My first goal was to redeem points from our Disney cc into Disney dollars to spend at the park. We did that, and bought a one day park hopper, my dad rented a stroller for Kian and then we went immediately to the California Adventure line to get in. I knew if we wanted to ride the new Gaurdians of Galaxy ride, we had to get fast passes to that first, because it had just opened about 2 weeks before! The line to get fast passes was probably about 20 minutes, I guess everyone else had the same idea! Lol! Then we went to a little kiddy ride called Monsters Inc, which was right around the corner. It was anything spectacular but it was cute. The kids liked it, Kian could ride it too which was great!  Then we went to a super hero station which was right outside that ride. We all had to answer a series of questions to figure out which super hero we were. Arthur was spiderman, I was the avengers, Cade was Captain America, Arthur Thomas was Thor and Kian was honorarily hulk! Then we went to turtle talk with Crush, which is always so cute, it was similar to the one at Disney world. My kids love it because crush actually will have conversations with you, it’s an interactive show! Then we went and got fast passes for the worlds of color (or something like that, which was a show we ended up not going to). Then we went to Carsland. Carsland is amazing! Cade, our 16 year old, has wanted to go there for years and he was in Cars heaven! We rode a cute little ride called maters junkyard jamboree. And mom and dad went to get us fast passes for radiator springs racers that has a long wait. Then we went to luigis rollickin roadsters ride. It’s so so cute! The cars dance the mambo with you in them. Then we rode the little mermaid (it’s also a kiddy ride that all ages can ride on) it’s pretty much just like the one at Walt Disney world, it’s very cute! Then we went to ride Gaurdians of the Galaxy because it was time to use our fast passes. Arthur and Kian went to go get fast passes for Soarin’ while the rest of us went to Guardians. It’s super cool the way they remodeled tower of terror to look like Gaurdians of the galaxy. I was expecting the ride to be similar to tower of terror, the way that the ride is laid out. But it wasn’t, at all…. I probably would have thought twice about taking my 4 year old on it, if I would have known the way it would go. You basically go into the elevator and it takes you up and drops you fast, over and over and over and over again. Lol! Maybe 10 -15 times! It was intense! It was fun and there is a story to it, but I was watching Arthur Thomas to make sure he was ok. He handled it like a champ. At one point he said he wanted off. But other than that, he was proud he rode it and was stoked to buy a Groot Tshirt in the gift shop when the ride was over! We went ahead and bought Kian a Rocket shirt, and Cade a Gaurdians shirt. They look so cute wearing them on the same day! ​Then cade, Arthur and I rode California Screamin’, it was my favorite ride of the day for sure! It’s a big roller coaster but it’s so so smooth! I would’ve ridden it again if we didn’t have any kiddos with us on the trip! Arthur even loved it, and he is usually not a huge roller coaster fan! Then we rode toystory midway mania with all the kids, it’s always a Green Family fav at Disney world. The ride itself is the same as Disney world. It’s basically like a 3D video game ride… so much fun! Then we headed over to Disney Junior Dance Party and Kian was in love with the music and characters! It is the perfect place to rest and let the kids watch an awesome interactive live show! Then we went to our fast pass at Soarin. Kian and I stayed in the gift shop because he was too little to ride! Everyone else loved it! It’s a hang glider simulator that simulates flying all over the world. Next we went to the Radiator Springs Racers and used the fastpass from earlier in the day! It was a fast blast!!! We loved it! Next we caught the Pixar parade and they shot us with water hubs lol! They kept shooting poor baby Kian in the face😳! He was just stoked to see his favorite toy life size, woody from toy story.  We were all exhausted, but had bought the park hopper so we were determined to park hop, even if it killed us lol! So we then around 6:45pm we finally made it to Disneyland! It was fabulous and a lot smaller than Disneyworld! First stop was dinner, we hadn’t stopped to eat the entire day! We had just had snacks throughout and we were all starving! I ran to get fast  asses to Matterhorn while everyone else waited in line for food. We had heard that Plaza Inn had delish fried chicken and it did not disappoint! We all enjoyed the rest and the calories! Then we went to the finding nemo submarine ride. It was incredibly cool. I remember the 20,000 leauges sub ride at disneyworld in the 80s and so I wasn’t expecting it to be awesome, but y’all it was! The kiddos were mesmerized and so was I, so much to look at under the sea while riding a submarine!! Then we went to it’s a small world, a Disney classic ride. On the way there we caught the end of the electric light parade, which is always gorgeous (they do one at Disney world too). Disneyland’s was better than Disneyworld’s version! They even put Disney dolls throughout the ride! We all loved it! It’s a beautiful ride! We walked out of the ride and they were shooting off the end of night fireworks! Disney knows how to do parades and fireworks better than anyone! Then we headed to the Matterhorn that we had fast passes to use from earlier. I was expecting something similar to expedition Everest from Disneyworld, but it was more like 1970s yeti meets space mountain but with really cool views of the park at night! I didn’t know this until I got on it, but the ride was first started in the 1960s! How cool is that?!?! I had no idea! Then my dad, Arthur and the 2 little ones were ready to call it quits, so they went to the car. My mom, Cade and I wanted to ride the Indiana jones ride. Disneyworld didn’t have that one and I love some 1980s Indiana jones, so I had to check it out! The ride didn’t disappoint it was a unique concept, a bumpy hero ride with lots of twists and turns, adventures and skulls! I liked it alot! The ride was first started in the 90s but was still really a cool ride, hence the hour wait time at 11 pm! Then we grabbed a Starbucks and some souvenirs and headed out! We definitely got our money’s worth! We closed the park down! I loved Disneyland and California Adventure Parks but next time I will spend 2-3 days doing the parks so that I don’t feel like I’m killing myself trying to do everything or that I’m missing out on seeing something awesome! I can’t wait to go back!!!! 




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