Day 8: Bruins, Hawleywoods, & In N Out!!! California βœŒπŸΌπŸ˜πŸ”

The day came when we had to leave San Diego. I woke up around 4:30am to pack things and prepare to leave at 6 to head to UCLA. We had a tour at 10:15am that we were trying to make. Cade will be a Junior this year and has talked about going to school in California. So we booked 2 college tours for him to take while on our adventure. FYI: Y’all traffic to LA is crazy! You basically map it on your GPS and then add an hour or more to your journey… especially if it’s rush hour…we stopped and fueled up on Starbucks and continued on our journey to ucla. We got there literally just in time for the tour! We had an overview first (which Kian and I had to dismiss ourselves from because he’s almost 2 lol), then we toured the campus. I had NO IDEA this UcLa had a gorgeous campus. It was a 2 hour tour and we didn’t see everything. What we did see was fantastic though! And they have 10 libraries on campus. One library we saw had all kinds of way for the students to study. They had couches, desks, stand up desks, a coffee shop, and more in that one library. It was the perfect college students study place! After the tour, we went to IN N OUT πŸ”, because it’s the best and they are all over Cali! Then we headed to Costa Mesa to Hawleywoods. A little back story, back when we had our lovely retro shop, Beauty’s, we sold a ton of Layrite hair pomade. It was a water based men’s pomade that smelled like angel food cake. Layrite was started at Hawleywood’s, a sweet old school style barber shop, in a California. One of Arthur’s dreams, was to get his hair cut there. We finally made that dream a reality! He had his long lucious locks chopped off and now has a clean cut fade with a little length on top. He looks good😍❀️😘, he looked good with long hair too, but I think I’m a bigger fan of the new cut. Then we drove to Oceanside to check in to our condo at the beach! It was beautiful! Our balcony has an ocean view. After a week in one bedroom accommodations, I was looking forward to spreading out in a 2 bedroom condo! My parents met us in Oceanside. It was great to see them and share our adventures thus far! 


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