2017 Summer Adventure: The Final Days in NoCal

Our Green Family Adventure last summer was unforgettable! I got busy with life and didn’t finish blogging. I’m sorry, to all my followers for leaving you hanging! But I am determined to finish what I started (even if it’s 11 months later) was! While staying in Mendocino, we stopped at the Glass Beach in Fort Bragg and collected tiny pieces of glass that were hidden all over the beach, it was a blast! Next we hit up a winery on our way north, it was called Pacific Star Winery! The wine was good and they have a GORGEOUS cliff side view of the ocean! It would make a perfect place for a Romantic Date! Then we ended up continuing north to the Redwood Forest!!! We stopped at the Chandelier Tree in Leggett, CA on the way! It was a tree that you could walk or drive through, it was so big!!! Y’all that drive from Mendocino to Jedidiah Smith National Forest was one of the most windy, curvy, sharp curve drives I’ve ever been on! I don’t usually get car sick sitting up front but it was intense! So get ready for some curvy roads if you are heading to NoCal. We passed some great Big Foot signs and finally made it to Jedidiah Smith Forest, for 2 nights of camping out in the Redwood Forest! It was an experience I will never forget. We even played in the Jedidiah Smith river! There were lots of bears in the area and signs everywhere warning that they lived in that campsite. The sounds of bears at night through our thin tent walls had us wishing we were in an RV! We decided to head to Portland a little early, even though we LOVED the woods! We just have a healthy respect for BEARS!!! Next time we camp in the Redwoods, we will bring an RV, for sure!!!


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