Day 14: Tide Pools 🦀 and Sunset Market 🌅

We have officially been on the road 2 weeks! We have learned so much about each other and I feel like the Lord has been teaching us along the way. 1. Patience, lots of patience…. things will not always go like we plan. We have a 1 year old that needs naps and lots of other things that makes traveling unpredictable!  2. That He is in control and He provides always!! I’ve always known that but I feel Him watching over us BIG TIME on every inch of this trip…whether it’s close parking spots, awesome deals on lodging or equipment, putting super cool people to meet on our path, keeping us safe, landing new accounts for our business, all kinds of things! He is providing and protecting us, His kids! 3. To just go with the flow, life is an adventure! He is in control! Just trust him and He will take care of you!

On day 14 we prepped for our next leg of the trip. We had been in Oceanside for a week and were about to head to malibu the next day!  But first, we wanted to go to some tide pools to look around for sea creatures! My dad drove us all to Tides Beach Park to go explore. We found tons of crabs 🦀 and other interesting sea things! And some amazing rocks to boot! It was a great place to explore and find sea things!  Arthur Thomas is obsessed with water and just wanted to be in it as much as possible. Kian found a small tide pool and just started digging tons of good sized rocks out of it! He probably found 15 rocks in it! Lol! We collected our finds, then we went back to the condo to work on laundry and get ready for Sunset Market! When we checked into Wyndham Oceanside we had been told about the sunset market. It’s a market that sets up EVERY Thursday night! I didn’t know what exactly to expect. But we invited Chris and Carole, our cousins from San Diego to come and go to it with us! They came and met us, we walked to the market. Y’all it was so cool! It is worth going to visit if you are ever in So Cal on a Thursday! Tons, tons of food vendors set up selling food from all over the world, live music, tons of shopping booths, crafts, jewelry, a bounce house, you name it! It was so much fun! We had Filipino food and Hawaiian food! It was so good!!! We got Hawaiian pork and chicken, Hawaiian macaroni salad, lumpia, chicken adobo, and pancet. And they sold Coke Life (sweetened with cane sugar and stevia) in a can! I was stoked about that! You can’t get it in a can in Fort Smith! Then Arthur Thomas went to the bounce house and had a blast. Next we went shopping at some of the cute vendors! When we shopped we found a ring for me, sunglasses for the guys, and a phone cord charger! Then we headed down to the Oceanside pier to watch our last sunset there, it was a beautiful one! We will be sad to say goodbye to this lovely town! 


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