Day 19: Coffee Ghost Hunters, then to the Petaluma Train Ride ☠️☕️🚂

We packed up our car quick that morning, we had high hopes of driving into Coulterville and having an awesome breakfast, we had seen an organic breakfast bakery on the way to our campsite a few days before.  We got to Coulterville and it was closed!!! NOoooo!!!! We found out that it was only open Thursday through Sunday. So we checked the next place that looked like it had breakfast and it was closed!!! So we looked around and there were just a few businesses open in this tiny town and even fewer people around. We spotted a coffee shop, so Arthur went to check it out. We decided to stop there and have some coffee and pastries. We were the only customers there when we got there. 1/2 of the place was a thrift shop, the other half was a coffee shop. We looked at their menu and ordered. The owner, was super sweet and offered to make my boys scrambled eggs and a fruit cup (even though they weren’t on the menu).  We ordered our food and coffee. I got a Aztec Mocha, that I still can’t quit thinking about. It was chocolate with a cinnamon spice twist, so dang good.  The shop began filling up with hungry customers! We started looking around and realized that the owners owned gold mines and they also were avid ghost hunters and had been on several tv shows/documentaries. We ended up having a great visit with the owner, Michelle.  Michelle and her husband, Andy, had moved from LA to live a more chill life and they had just opened this little gem of a coffee shop! If you are ever in the Yosemite area, stop by the gold mining town of Coulterville and grab an Aztec Mocha from the Gold Country Bistro. You can find them on fb or google them! Then we loaded up and headed to Petaluma, where we would be staying at a Koa for 2 nights.  But first we stopped at In n Out burger for lunch on the way to Petaluma! When we got to Petaluma, I was surprised that they had a little grocery store/ liquor store/ gift shop when you checked in. I had never stayed at a Koa, so I didn’t know what to expect. Arthur and Cade began setting up our camp area. I took the littles to play on the AMAZING play area right in front of our campsite! It was the best playground we had seen on this trip and tons of kids were playing. I thought it was interesting that most of the parents were drinking beer or had a glass a wine. I guess everyone was chillin! The kids played and played. Then I noticed a line forming near the playground. It was getting longer and longer. My hubby found out that it was for a free train that takes the kiddos around the campgrounds! We lined up and waited and waited. Kian would cry every time a train left without us….you know the sad sobby sweet broken hearted baby cry.  Finally it was our turn to ride. Kian and I crammed into a car and Arthur Thomas got in the car in front of us. This “train”, made of large plastic looking barrels with holes cut into the top, had probably 15 cars and it was pulled by a golf cart. No parents were allowed on it but I asked if I could ride with Kian. There was no way I was sending my not-quite-2-year-old on a train by himself lol. I was secretly worried I might break the “train” because I’m so heavy right now. They took off and the driver whipped the “train” around the campgrounds. Y’all it was a thrill ride for a little kid! Lol! He whipped the cars so fast, I was afraid my cart might turn over… so I leaned the opposite direction when it felt unstable, to balance it out! It was fun! Then we went back to the playground. Tonight Cade cooked! He made tomato soup and grilled cheese over the fire! I was a proud momma, he cooked quite the delicious meal! He’s going to be a great cook, like his daddy! After dinner, I took all 4 loads of laundry to the laundry room and went to town with our masses of dirty clothes.  It was $2.75 to wash a load!! Someone is making some good money on those washers. I was just stoked to be able to wash clothing and get it done all at once, because there were multiple washers and dryers. Then I got kicked out of the laundry room, because it closed at 10pm. So I hung a bunch of the wet or partially wet clothes on a line and draped them over our tent to dry. We all went to sleep because the next day was going to be a trip into San Francisco!!!! 


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