Day 15: Pepperdine 🏖, also an Airbnb Gone Bad 😓

On Day 15, we left our beloved Oceanside for a new adventure! We stopped at In N Out Burger on the way out of town. Then we hit the road. We left in plenty of time to make our 2pm appointment for a Pepperdine campus tour, But the traffic in Central California was insane! AGAIN LOL Always add 1-2 hours on any appointment you are trying to make near Central Cali, traffic is Crazy! We drove through Malibu tonget to Pepperdine. Malibu is absolutely stunning! Lots of Cliffs overlooking the ocean 🌊! Its fabulous! And then we made the way up the hill to Pepperdine. I had always heard the campus was beautiful and the view was awesome. But its hard to even describe the beauty, you just have to see it in person.  The tour started off in a cute chapel with stained glass.  We toured the campus and all the views were breathe taking. Cade thought the campus was beautiful, very hilly, smaller than what he thought it would be, and eye opening to the different kinds of campuses there are and to opportunities colleges offer. We then went to this adorable little shopping area that a local friend, Christiana, referred me to. It was called Cross Creek. There were tons of cute restaurants and shops. It was the kind of place you look for celebrities! I saw someone that looked like Kathy Griffin. I dont know if it was her because she had sunglasses on, but it could have defintely been her doppleganger! 😎 We ate outside at Tra Di Noi, because the weather is always perfect on the coast. We got a spinach ravioli and a pizza. It was all delish! Then the kiddos played at the cute little playground there. They loved having play time with other kiddos! It was a great Malibu day!!! Next we started heading to our airbnb reservation. The 2 airbnb experiences we had had so far were pretty good, so I was really looking forward to staying in a remodeled RV for the night with the boys. I like to book fun places if I can, because everyday is an adventure!  We made a Target run first, because every Target in Cali pretty much is a Super Target!  I ❤️ Super Targets and we live out of our ice chest and food box, so we always need supplies lol! Then we headed to our reservation. The host which will remain nameless in the blog, had parked the RV in an area that was supposed to be closer to Malibu, then it normally is. It was still probably a 45 min drive to the RV from Pepperdine.  The RV was parked in an upper middle class neighborhood they said. It was not upper middle class at all. There was a white old van parked in front of it that looked like someone had been living out of. And it smelled like they had been peeing in the grass next to that van. So the odor was all around the outside of the RV. The host’s son is the one that showed us around the RV. The RV smelled like it had been smoked in for years, it was remodeled so it wasn’t as bad as it couldve been, but still hurt my throat just being inside.  The weather in the LA area had been incredibly hot that day. And so the inside of the RV was about 90 degrees probably and super stuffy. They suggested just leaving the windows open. We did, and it did not cool down! We contacted the owner to see about out turning on the air. She told us how to turn on the generator. We did. And immediately the rv started filling up with nasty fumes. Like the kind of funes you smell when you are racing old go carts! I quickly shut all the windows. The air cooled down to maybe 85 degrees, and it still smelled like fumes! I was stressing! I didn’t want us dying of carbon monoxoide poisoning.  So Arthur and I talked and decided we would just leave and drive and get a hotel in Bakersfield for the night.  I gathered our things and we loaded up in the van. I called the host and told her the issues. She apologized and said no one else had complained about that. My guess was that no one else had turned on the generator for air because its usually nice weather there! The rv had been remodeled, so it was kind of cute, but other then that EVERYTHING else wasn’t working! She was sweet and apologetic. She recommended calling Airbnb to get a refund! That was a hassle! Airbnb told me they had to speak with her about it. And apparently I didn’t give my host time to fix the issue. Sorry Airbnb I wasnt going to risk our lives! I also forgot to mention there was a sketchy dude walking around outside our RV in the so called “upper middle class” notsomuch neighborhood the entire time we were in the RV! ANYWAYS!!! Lol! Moral of my story: Be careful when booking Airbnb! And never, never book an RV in the Central California area! 


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