Day 6: San Diego, We ❤️ You

San Diego is in the super southern part of California, almost all the way to Mexico! I had never been there before and was stoked to be close to the ocean. Someday I will live near the ocean, someday, it just calms my soul. We made plans to check out the San Diego zoo. We had been told it was the best zoo there is. And we LOVE zoos, so we had to check it out.  We took our time and had breakfast at the Waffle Spot, which is a cute retro diner at our hotel, and then we packed all the snacks and things for the zoo. It was a cool and overcast day, which was perfect for zoo exploring! When we got there, there was a beautiful gate at the entrance. We went up to the cashier to pay and our total was almost $200… for the zoo. Oops I didn’t check prices beforehand!! We were expecting like $100 for our family! Lol!  We decided to go in and check it out, after all, we had told the kiddos we were going to the zoo! Y’all this zoo, it was amazing. It definitely lived up to its hype! Tons of volunteers   everywhere, that were super helpful. Every exhibit was beautifully clean and perfect for the animals to thrive in. We saw all kinds of snakes, birds, wild cats, koalas, wallabies, pandas 🐼, giraffes, hippos, polar bears… basically any animal you can think of!  The little kids both picked out polar bear toys.  Kian picked out a stuffed polar bear and Arthur Thomas picked out a transforming polar bear that transforms into a robot!  They had a gondola that had amazing views!! They called it skyfari!  The zoo was super hilly which is good because we need to burn off all the vacation food we’ve been eating lol!  Thankfully almost everyday that we aren’t in the car, we’ve been super active! I Highly recommend that zoo! In fact, I can’t wait to go back! Plan on spending an entire day (open to close) there! We were there for about 5 hours or more and didn’t see everything! Enjoy the pics! It was my favorite day so far on the trip! ​


​ ​​​​​


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